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ERQL query returning attribute list

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ERQL query returning attribute list



I need to write an ERQL query such as


Select [Personne <Système>].[Login] into @Login Where = [Personne <Système>]=["CurrentUser"]

Select [My Metaclasse] Where [My Metaclasse].[user] in @Login


Could you help me finding the right syntax for this ?


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Re: ERQL query returning attribute list



could you expain the needs using word ?


I'm looking  for application where the owner is the current user ? 


Select [Responsibility Assignment] Into @PersAss1 Where [Assigned Person]:[Person (System)]= &"CurrentUser" And ( [Business Role] = "~WzF2lb0yGb2U[Application Owner]" Or [Business Role] = "~Ua5nyMC6HLkC[Financial Controller]")
Select [Application] Where [Person Assignment] in @PersAss1


There are a lot of example in standard in the tool. More than 400 queries that run using the current user as an option. The one above is the standard example for ITPM solution to get "My Applications".


To find those query run this :

Select [Query] Where [_Select] Like "#currentuser#" 

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Re: ERQL query returning attribute list

well I want to find out if it is possible to work with String and object attributes and then filter on String values.


Select [Personne <Système>].[Nom] into @Login Where = [Personne <Système>]=&"CurrentUser"

Select [My Metaclasse] Where [My Metaclasse].[userName] in @Login


In my example [Nom] and [userName] are Strings


Re: ERQL query returning attribute list

In ERQL syntax you cannot put attribute in the select, unlike in SQL

In ERQL the Where syntax must express a metaAssociationEnd.


Your example doesn't work in logic of ERQL and if you keep it in SQL spirit you won't be able to solve your problem. In ERQL you don't compare attribute but "Object" as a whole.



To answer you question we need to know :

* Which Metaclass exactly you want to query ==> Because the answer will be deferent for each metaclass

*Which relation (MetaAssociation) do you want to use to connect or relate the object you are looking for ?