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ERQL - String functions?


ERQL - String functions?

Is there a possibility to use standard SQL-like string functions in ERQL-queries? For instance

SELECT [Application] WHERE [Name] LIKE CONCAT(&Prefix, "#", &Suffix)


(I have tried all standard functions known to me for this: CONCAT(), +, ||. Each work on different SQL database servers but every server provides at least one such operator.

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Re: ERQL - String functions?

Hello alros


ERQL language is not SQL language

The words 'CONCAT', '+', '||' cannot be used in the code of an ERQL query.


ERQL query syntax is the same for MEGA 2009 SP5/HOPEX V1R1/HOPEX V1R2.

This article documents the query syntax (section query syntax):


Or course, if you are in a context (ex: macro, application) where you can use a language (ex: VB script), you can build the ERQL Select clause using the operators of this language

For example in VB script:

sSELECT = "SELECT" & "[Org-Unit]"

Set cOu = GetRoot.GetSelection(sSelect)