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Dynamic Query Collection

Occasional Contributor

Dynamic Query Collection



I am trying to wirte a dynamic query inside an HTML descriptor using [Collection].

My old code is:


[Collection = MyQuery] 


I am looking to have something like the following:


[Collection = "Select [Business Process] where ......"]




<script> var dQuery = "Select [Business Process] Inherited Where [Organizational Process].[Short Name]  = " + [Property=ShortName/];




Any other suggestions are appreciated. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Frequent Contributor

Re: Dynamic Query Collection

hello Sajam, This question is quite different from your last one Here when you are creating a new group inside your descriptor you can point at a registered ERQL query (with a parameter to catch the common object) or create an embedded query on-the-fly ... Then inside this group you will handle with the result directly. Hoping it was helpfull.
Lionel Mazurié

Re: Dynamic Query Collection

Hi Sajam,


Asuming that you are developing for the static website - the query becomes 'dynamic' based on the object that you have selected.


You can use either the MetaAssociationEnd name to make the reference for example:


[Collection="Business Process"]


or the entire query - if you should use some additional filtering


[Collection="Select [Business Process] Where [Organizational Process] in &name And ..."]