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Does an inherited class have to be abstract ?


Does an inherited class have to be abstract ?

Hello everybody,


Sorry if I have all kinds of questions, but as a beginner in Mega (only 5 years experience) I allways get caught in pitfalls...

When compiling my  environment after having added my new metamodel, I get the following error :



error: DSI_Imprimante_Multifonction(6B087D725A713732) Super MetaClass DSI_Imprimante(14D478465A701F8E) is not abstract



As I said in an earlier post, DSI_Imprimante_Multifunction inherits from 3 other metaclasses (which are not abstract), which, in turn, inherit from two abstract metaclasses. These final two abstract metaclasses inherit from a single "DSI_Materiel" abstract metacless.
Is there something wrong about it ?
Should I correct the metamodel ?


Thank you.
Best regards