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Documenting a web site

New Member

Documenting a web site

Hello Community

I would like to document the web site of my company (retro-documentation).

Can we recuperate all the descriptions of the site in a word document ?

Thank you a lot for your help

Best regards

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Re: Documenting a web site

Hello, from the Web Site ot the Web Site template you can access to the list of descriptors, and for each descriptor you can get the described object. If you commented the descriptors you can use the descriptor comment in your document.

But you cannot have access to the content of the descriptor.

The only possibility is to use the link: [Descriptor].[referencing Generic Object System] to have a list of System objects used inside the descriptor (like metaattributes).

Is not so much but it is the best you can have.




Claudio Pucci

Re: Documenting a web site

Hello mrouhi


I confirm there is no standard report to document a web site.

The documentation should be written manually.


You can create a quick document with:

  • Screenshots of the different tabs of the web site properties (Characteristics + options, Objects, Pages)
  • Screenshot of the explorer view of the web site (unfold 1rst level of folders)
  • Detailed description of each page listed in the tab Pages (name, query, header, body..)