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Displaying issues with IE8 on Advisor Websites


Displaying issues with IE8 on Advisor Websites

Hi All,


In certain cases, when browsing the Advisor website with IE8, some pages or menus are displayed incorrectly and the dynamic reports shows just an empty chapters. So, to work around this abnormal behavior, we need to change the compatibility mode by setting the Browser Mode to IE8 and the Document Mode to IE8 Standards from the Developer Tools of the browser (F12 on your keyboard).


by default, the Document Mode is set to Quirks mode which causes this problem. But, I am just wondering is this case could be handled by MEGA in a future development / release? Especially  if we know that only IE presents this issue (Firefox is working just fine).


Thank you

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Re: Displaying issues with IE8 on Advisor Websites

Hello Mohamed


This is a known issue.

It is not met with recent version of Internet Explorer (version 9.0) and with Firefox


As far as possible MEGA does not want to add browser specific code in the MEGA Advisor application.

We consider it is specific to a default setting of Internet Explorer version 8.0 for compatibility with previous versions.

As a consequence, no change is expected for MEGA advisor on this matter