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Displayed object field in MetaTree


Displayed object field in MetaTree



I have created a new MetaTree to display the list of "Règle" objects.

We created on that MetaClass a calculated field (virtual) "Identifiant Règle" which use the Name field value to set his value.


Is it possible in the MetaTree to display the value of that field in place of the Name?


Thanks for your help


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Re: Displayed object field in MetaTree

Hello Stéphane,


In the MEGA STUDIO 2009 SP5  FR Guide it is located from page 94  to 96 ... 


So to summarize ... 


In MetaStudio by the branch MetaTree you choose MetaClass Navigation then you select your MetaClass

On the MetaTreeNode "Standard Navigation" you explore to access/create a MetaTreeNode Name.

A MetaFeld hasto be associated with either :

- a descrbing MeAttibute, your case,

- a describing metaAssoation.

With the property of the MeaField you can manage,in other,suffix or prefix if required


a MetaField can have "Components to have several sub-MetaFields to aggregate the fields in order to compose a complex name.


It seems that there are no filter to accept your vitual MetaAttibute to a MetaField.





Lionel Mazurié

Re: Displayed object field in MetaTree

Hi Lionel,


Thanks for you reply.


It really helps me to make it works.