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Display Filtering in Hopex V2R1 U2

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Display Filtering in Hopex V2R1 U2

Hi All.

Looking for a way to enable the "Diplay filters" to tile list, like the "All Applications" list in ITPM. When a user opens the tile, our users will always want to filter, therefore I want to default to have the filtering on the columns automatically active.


Thanks in advance for comments..........Ken

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Re: Display Filtering in Hopex V2R1 U2

Hi, I'm not 100% certain I understand your question - but let me try.

I dont think you can apply the filter automatically when opening a list (but not I havent looked to deep into this).

What you can is to create a Tile that is associated with a PropertyPage where you have a Query that selects the Objects you would like in the list view, e.g. My Applications is based on Query that will find the Application where you are assigned as Owner.

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Re: Display Filtering in Hopex V2R1 U2

My ask is a bit different. Not what records are displayed in the list, but rather having the "Displaying Filtering" activated when the list is initially painted in the WebUI. The attachment should help understand my ask.

Thanks in advance


Re: Display Filtering in Hopex V2R1 U2

Hi Mogenkp,


There is no way to do this out of the box. The expected behavior is to have the filters collapsed until you click to display them. 

If you want to change this behavior this would require a customization. If you arent sure how to do this on your own then i would recommend reaching out to your account manger to discuss coordinating an engagement with our Services/Consulting to assist you with this.