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Dispatch Date Wrong - Mega API

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Dispatch Date Wrong - Mega API

Hi Community,

We have seen a strange behaviour in the tool. 

The modification date an object in properties window and modification date from API has two hours difference.

Modification Date Error.PNGModification Date Error API.PNG


Can any body tell us why this is happening.


Thanks and Regards,


Colruyt Team
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Re: Dispatch Date Wrong - Mega API



This difference is probably related to timezone and daylight bias

In the HOPEX repository, dates are stored in UTC time.
-> use internal format to get/set such dates
The GUI displays the date with end user settings (timezone, daylight bias)
-> use external format to get/set such dates


Get date with internal format
oObject.GetProp("~DNS5)lXo4jC0[Absolute Start Date]","Internal")


Get date with external format
oObject.GetProp("~DNS5)lXo4jC0[Absolute Start Date]","External")


Re: Dispatch Date Wrong - Mega API

Hey Jerome


I have the same case here and I was wondering can we change  the timezone of the tool?

It's difficult for users to work with and causes many issues.


Thank you,