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Disaster Recovery, before and after


Disaster Recovery, before and after

Let's say we have two domains, production (PROD) and disaster recovery (DR).  That means four servers, one App and one DB for each domain.


My summarized plan to set up in case there is a disaster

  1. Backup PROD SystemDb and Repository DBs, and restore on DR DB server.
  2. Install DR App Server to same version that is on PROD.
  3. Copy TOKEN and USER license folders from PROD ot DR.
  4. Make sure MegaSite.ini and Router.ini on DR matches PROD (as close as possible, considereing different server names).
  5. Copy the C:\Program Files (x86)\MEGA\MEGA version\repository folder from PROD to DR.
  6. Make sure DR Windows and Web apps work.
  7. Whenever a new user is added to PROD, copy their USER files to DR.

When Disaster happens

  1. Restore the PROD DB backups and transaction logs to DR.
  2. Make sure DR Windows and Web apps work.
  3. Tell users to use DR server instead of PROD server.
  4. Backup the DR DB the same way as PROD.

After Disaster is over

  1. Restore the DR DB backups and transaction logs to PROD.
  2. If new users were added to DR, copy their USER files to PROD.
  3. Make sure PROD Windows and Web apps work.
  4. Tell users to use PROD server instead of DR server.


Does this sound right?  Am I missing anything?  I read the documentation which was talking about log files, but it wasn't clear, and I don't know why I'd need log files. (Installation and Deployment, Physical backup).  It also said "By default folder of each HOPEX Environment", which I have no clue what that means, maybe the repository folder I have above?

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Re: Disaster Recovery, before and after



For a truly tailored disaster recovery plan I would recommend working with a member of our Professional Services team but, after reviewing your steps from this post, I can say you have the general idea. Generically speaking, have a deployment that mirrors your current production in an alternate server farm (same Hopex version/ Same Megasite.ini settings/same customer jar/same custom "Mega_Usr" icons and objects pointing to an available license file) then be in the habit of performing nightly backups of your environment folder and associated Sql databases. If disaster strikes, you point users over to the DR server set after you've restored the latest copy of the Environment folder and Sql bakups (Updating the SystemDb and Data Repository/Repositories' "Sql Conneciton instance/user/password" to point to the DR Database server via Administration.exe) and you should be back up and running with minimal data loss (assuming you perform nightly backups, a maximum of 24 hours worth of work would be lost).


If you perform it in that way, you'll capture all the environment and installation specific data/settings. Any interface specific user settings (tab layouts and personalized settings) would have been stored in the Production Server's  "%ProgramData%\MEGA\HOPEX V2R1\ClusterRoot\UserSettings" folder, so backing those up as well would allow you to restore them on the DR server too.


Hope That Helps!