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DiagramTypeLink InsideConnection Types Differences

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DiagramTypeLink InsideConnection Types Differences

Hi Community,

Can someone tell me the differences between types of "DiagramTypeLink InsideConnection. I can see 4 values in the drop down.

1. Container Component

2. Component Container 

3. Master Satillite

4. Satillite Master


Also what the value "Yes and No" in the "DiagramTypeLink ReverseInReorganization"  Means?


Or point me to right document where I can find the explanation.


Thanks in advance.

Colruyt Team
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Re: DiagramTypeLink InsideConnection Types Differences


Specifies if link at repository level should be created or deleted when the object is placed inside the object to which we wish to connect it (for example operation and procedure in a flowchart). Value to be selected depends on the MetaAssociationEnd connected to DiagramTypeLink.


DiagramTypeLink InsideConnection: specifies if the repository link

must be represented and managed in any special way.

DiagramTypeLink ReverseInReorganization: for automatic

reorganization function, enables definition of hierarchical direction of



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Re: DiagramTypeLink InsideConnection Types Differences

Hi imrankhatyan ,

It is just giving the information, what we have in the tool. Can you please point me to more elaborate explanation.



Colruyt Team