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Diagram in Word Document Settings

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Diagram in Word Document Settings


i have a process diagram with page setup of 4 pages (number pf pages cells is 4), so when i generate a word document report for this diagram by going to utilities/descriptors/Rtf format/Contexttual/Detailed description (organization process)(BPMN).

The probelm is: in the output RFT document, the digram gets segmented and destributed on many pages . The question is how  can i get the diagram on one page? what kind of settings do i need to manage?


Thank you

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Re: Diagram in Word Document Settings

Hello George


In the RTF descriptor that displays the diagram, a diagram formatter is called.

This formatter has different parameters, among them a parameter 'Alway on one page'


See report Sudio documentation, HOPEX Studio - Publisher page 61


Note that

  • The 4 pages diagrams will be reduced to one and may not be easy to read.
  • If the descriptor involved is standard (onwed by MEGA), you need to duplicate is and change the duplicata