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Diagram generating problem with Participant object

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Diagram generating problem with Participant object

I would like to write a macro in VB that generates an Organizational Process Diagram (BPMNFLOWCHART) that contains a Participant type of element, and implements a Shape from c:\program files (x86)\mega\mega 2009 sp5\Mega_Std\Pictures.7220\Method\proc_subprocessorg_container.mgs


My problem is that by adding a new element to the collection of Element in Diagram of the diagram, it requests the definition of the element type (Participant)


Set colDescription = oOrgProcess.GetCollection("Description")

Set oNewDiagram = colDescription.Add("My new diagram")

Set colElement = oNewDiagram.GetCollection("Element in Diagram")

Set oNewParticipant = colElement.Add("My new participant")


How can I define the type in this command?


The other question is how can I edit the appearance of the objects in a diagram? I've tried another way to insert my objects and in a BPMNFLOWCHART type of diagram the SetPos method doesn't seem to work.


Set oNewDiagram = oOrgProcess.GetCollection("Description").Create("Nature", "BPMNFLOWCHART")
oNewDiagram.shortname = "Organizational Process"
Set oDrawing = oNewDiagram.Drawing("RW")
Dim oNewOP
Set oNewOP = oDrawing.MegaObjectInsert(oOrgProcess)
oNewOP.SetPos 1000, 100, 2000, 1000


The object doesn't change its size or its position, while in other types of diagrams (e.g. ARBRE-APPLICATIF) it works fine.


Thank you.

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Re: Diagram generating problem with Participant object

Hello RBalazs


You should use the function GetType



From a collection based upon an abstract MetaClass, get a sub collection for a concrete MetaClass


Set cBE = GetCollection("~JW7j6VRt9H40[BPMN Element]")
Print "Number of BPMN Element objects: " & cBE.count()
Set cOP = cBE.GetType("~gsUiU9B5iiR0[Organizational Process]")
Print "Number of Organizational Process objects: " & cOP.count()


See MEGA documentation regarding API script functions


Note: please create a specific poste for each question

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Re: Diagram generating problem with Participant object

Dear Jerome,


Thanks for your reply, meanwile we found the solution that works. To obtain the desired appearance we implemented existing style Shapes and by adding the following two lines at the end of our script the SetPos method also worked:



Set oDrawing = Nothing


To add a certain type of element we first created the element and then inserted it into the diagram. I attached the code.