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Diagram - Black box instead of status indicator


Diagram - Black box instead of status indicator



When I generate a Website, on some (not on all) diagrams the status indicator appears black.

Version of MEGA : sp3 cp1

Deployment : Citrix


This issue does not appear on all citrix account, so I suspect a misconfiguration of the Citrix / Mega account.

You will find below an example of a diagram generation that has failed.


Has anyone already faced such an issue ?

Thanks for your help,



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Re: Diagram - Black box instead of status indicator

Hello Yannick


It is likely that in this context, there is not enough memory available to display the indicator status.

With Citrix deployment, the ram is shared between users. With the classic deployment, all the ram of the workstation is available.

Quite often the amount of ram available for Citrix session is lower that the ram available for a MEGA Desktop session.


When this error occurs under Citrix, try to check with Citrix administration how much ram is available for this Citrix session