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Diagram API Message Flow Creation

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Diagram API Message Flow Creation

Hi Community,

Can anyone give the sample code for creating a message flow between two business processes on a diagram through the diagram API.


Iam bit confused by looking at the API documentation.


Thanks in advance.

Colruyt Team
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Re: Diagram API Message Flow Creation



First you need to create the message flow and connect the sender and receiver using the standard MEGA API.

Then add the message flow to the diagram by calling the "megaobjectinsert" method on the drawing object (the sender and receiver must be in the diagram already).

This method returns a DrawingItem object that you can use to position the object nicely in your drawing.



Set myFlow = getcollection("message flow").create
myflow.getcollection("Source Element").add getobjectfromid("~16ixex(JNzp5[Management System] ")
myflow.getCollection("Target Element").add getobjectfromid("~Azr9AZ2KN5X6[Customer] ")

Set mydiagram = getobjectfromid("~v5oxSz(JNH0T[Application Environment Diagram] ")
set mydrawing = mydiagram.drawing("RW")
Set flowdrawingitem = mydrawing.megaobjectinsert(myflow)

'removing all points except both ends to make the line straight
set parentdrawingitem = flowdrawingitem.ItemProperty("ParentDrawingItem")
set flowpoints = parentdrawingitem.ItemProperty("DrwLine_Points")
For i = 1 to flowpoints.count - 2
parentdrawingitem.ItemProperty("DrwLine_Points") = flowpoints




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Re: Diagram API Message Flow Creation

Thanks Gregory. It worked for me 🙂 .

Colruyt Team
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Re: Diagram API Message Flow Creation


Can you please tell me How I can set customized line style and Draw Line Points to the newely created object.

I already have a link on diagram. I need to draw the new line just on the same points.


How can I get the draw line points og old link, and how I can draw new line on same points.


Set oLineStyle = oDrawingItem.LineStyle   //get old line style

parentdrawingitem.LineStyle = oLineStyle     //set style to new line

parentdrawingitem.ItemProperty("DrwLine_Points") = oDrawingItem.ItemProperty("DrwLine_Points")  //assign draw line points



The above code is not working for me.


Thanks in advance.


Colruyt Team
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Re: Diagram API Message Flow Creation

Hi Gregory,

This is regarding the solution you've given me for message flow creation:


Am trying to insert message flow twice on the diagram (which is possible from V1R3 cp13 on Application environment diagram)


//this part is working fine am able to see the link on diagram

Set flowdrawingitem1 = mydrawing.megaobjectinsert(myflow)
set parentdrawingitem1 = flowdrawingitem1.ItemProperty("ParentDrawingItem")


//This part is not working the parent drawing item is null here

Set flowdrawingitem2 = mydrawing.megaobjectinsert(myflow)
set parentdrawingitem2 = flowdrawingitem2.ItemProperty("ParentDrawingItem")


how I can I place a message flow object twice on diagram


Can you please help me to fix this.


Colruyt Team