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Diagnostic LAN test

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Diagnostic LAN test

Hi all,


Good day,


Currently we are experiencing this kind of response when we run the Diagnostic LAN test,. (see figure below)

sir, do you have any recommendation/suggestion/documentation on how to improve the performance of the Diagnostic LAN result.?





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Re: Diagnostic LAN test



Which version MEGA you are using?

What type of deployment you have?




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Re: Diagnostic LAN test

Hi sir Salah


Good Day, we are using MEGA 2009 SP5

File base set-up, and we are not using citrix sir.


thank you.


Re: Diagnostic LAN test

Hello Jomar


In most cases, improving the results means changing the infrastructure which is not easy.

If you use LAN test utility, it is likely that you are using GBMS Storage. Here the values are very far from expectations (ex: 0.5 Mbit/s bandwidth instead of 10 Mbit/s expected). This can be because you are not deploying MEGA in a LAN subnetwork where high bandwith is available.


I cannot provide you very detailed recommendations. This would require to know and analyse specifically your deployment context and this more a matter of deployment consulting.


However in general, What you can do is:

  • Verify with your IT if workstations running MEGA can access to a file server with expected bandwidth (5 MBit/s could be work). Verify that MEGA programs are installed locally and that SMB 2 is disabled.
  • Otherwise, consider Citrix deployment. With Citrix deployment, the bandwidth requirement is regarding the traffic between the Citrix server and the file server. The bandwidth requirement for the traffic between the windows workstation and the Citrix server falls to 100 Kbit/s.