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Description of the Solution Pack

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Description of the Solution Pack

Is there somewhere a description of the solution packs or some recommendations? So that we can decide which one is useful for us?


This ist our list of available Solution Packs:

APQC.exe, Archimate V3.exe, eTOM.exe, GDPR.exe, Information Architecture.exe, ISO.exe, IT Infrastructure.exe, ITSM.exe, MEGA.exe, Mega_Audit.exe, Military Terms.exe, NAF.exe, PPM.exe, SGBD SQL Type.exe, TOGAF.exe

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Re: Description of the Solution Pack



The online product documentation should mention which are the applicable solution pack for a given product.


E.g. for HOPEX ArchiMate, in HOPEX ArchiMate Introduction to HOPEX ArchiMate Presentation of HOPEX ArchiMate HOPEX ArchiMate implementation, the import of ArchiMate and PPM solution packs is mentionned as required to be able to use the product

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Re: Description of the Solution Pack

Is there something like this:

"If you want to use HOPEX ArchiMate, you need to import the ArchiMate.exe and PPM.exe Solution Packs" for the IT Portfolio Management, the IT Architecture V2 and the Enterprise Risk Management?
In the link you sent for explanation, I can only find, that you need to import the Solution Pack, but not  exactly what's in there. What am I doing, when I import for example the Solution Pack PPM??

Re: Description of the Solution Pack



It depends on the solution pack. For instance for PPM, you import baseline data about the project state graph that is used by the project workflow. Other solution packs are used to deliver system data (though this is used only for some specific occasions).


Solution Packs are only a packaged way to deliver standard 'extension' files. To know which data or system objects exactly are imported, the files themselves can be opened.


Mandatory Solution Packs are mentioned in the respective product documentation.