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Definitons for Standard Profiles?

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Definitons for Standard Profiles?

   Does anyone know if there is documentation on the standard profiles installed out of the box?  What they can and cannot do...write to....etc?

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Re: Definitons for Standard Profiles?

Hello foleyjff


In the user manual of each solution, a short textual description of each business role is provided.
To go further, it is useful to know the permissions (CRUD) of the profile mapped to the role.
For this, a profile report generator is provided.


In Windows Front-End, a menu 'Tools > Profile and Permission Management > Profile Permissions Report' is available
A wizard 'User & Grant Profile Report' is displayed
It enables to generate a report (.XLS format) documenting profiles
Note that MS Excel must be installed on the machine.

Note that the generation is not immediate (usually more than 10 min):

The generation time varies with:

  • The scope of metamodel selected:
    Selecting <ALL> for 'MetaModel' will increase generation time.
  • The number/nature of profiles selected:
    Selecting all the profiles will increase the generation time.