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Date format

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Date format

We publish the datetime type attributes in webpages , The current date format is MM/DD/YYYY , How to change this format in descriptor to show DD/MM/YYYY ?

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Re: Date format



I assume the date value is related to a HOPEX MetaAttribute.

As far as I know, there is no standard feature to control the format in descriptors.


It is possible to write custom code to control format according to descriptor type

  • RTF descriptor: you can use a RTF macro if you are in DOC mode (old generation mode available only with Windows Front-End). This is NOT supported for RTF/DOCX mode (new mode required for Web Front-End)
  • Code/HTML descriptor: you can call a macro using tag ExternalCall. See KB 00002635

Another solution is to build a computed MetaAttribute and customize the format of a datetime MetaAttribute. See KB 00000662

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Re: Date format

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You can simply change the windows date format to DD/MM/YYYY on the computer/server you use to generate your website.


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Re: Date format

You can also set the date format for the entire repository by setting the date format on Language object. There is a Kb description of how to do this.