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Date field issue

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Date field issue

Hello All, We would require your support , There is a problem on setting the date on date field through vbscript , Please support us and have tried all these below vb options . it sets internally correct date when we extract the date field by "GetProp("Application active Date") , but doenst shows that exact date when acess the object UI tab.


option 1. Object.Setprop "Application active Date" , "2017/04/10".

option 2. Object.Setprop("Application active Date" ) =  "2017/04/10".


In History log , the date field is set as some encode character.


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Re: Date field issue

Hello Arunas


To update a date property using API script, you can
1) Set date with internal format
The date will be set independantly from time zone or daylight bias (summer time)
The complete format is requested
2) Set date with external format
The short data format should be used. It must match Windows settings
The date will be set considering time zone and daylight bias (summer time)


Code example (VB script)

Set date with internal format
oTimePeriod.SetProp "~DNS5)lXo4jC0[Absolute Start Date]", "2018/01/01 12:00:00"

Set date with external format
oTimePeriod.SetProp "~DNS5)lXo4jC0[Absolute Start Date]","1/1/2019","External"

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Re: Date field issue

Wow ! Great Gerome ! It works :-) Thanks a lot for your quick response.


Cheers !