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DataBase List on connection window


DataBase List on connection window

Hi there,


I have a question about the database combobox  present in the connection window


Currently, in the Mega version we are using (2009 Sp5 P5), users can type whatever they want in that field .

If they enter a value which is not corresponding to an existing environment's database, they receive the first message linked to that subject.


But unfortunately their account are blocked. if they try to choose a database using th combobox they now receive the message like my second attachment


Is there a way to prevent users to enter value in that field, like it was in Mega 2005?


Thanks for your help



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Re: DataBase List on connection window

hi Stephane,


i confirm that i have reproduced the same behavior with MEGA 2009 Sp5 Cp5, in fact after having tried to connect to unexacting repository a systemDB transaction is created which prevent the user to open a new transaction.


This behavior has been fixed in mega version 2009 Sp5 Cp9.0, even if it still possible to enter a text in combo box the users are no more blocked to open a new transaction after having selected an exacting database.


Normally the uses must select automatically a database using the combobox in the connection window.




Re: DataBase List on connection window

Thanks for your reply.


We have planned to upgrade Mega this year.