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DELETE MOL-file data in a repository

New Contributor

DELETE MOL-file data in a repository

For each DBMS version Mega provides a Mol-file.


Can we delete the old version(s) of a DBMS from our repositories without risk ?

I mean, can we delete the PACKAGE (and CLASSES)  corresponding to a certain DBMS version we do not use anymore, because we use a more recent version of the DBMS ?


Can someone give me some hints&tips how I can realise this ?



m van poucke


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Re: DELETE MOL-file data in a repository

Hello m van poucke


For each RDBMS version provided by MEGA, there should be a MEGA option

Ex: Options > Data modeling > SQL Generation > Oracle 9i

If this option is inherithed and you disable it at MEGA environment level, it should not be displayed in the properties of a database object.


If ou delete a package containing class-datatypes, there is a risk to impact column datatype values.

Theses values are computed dynamically from the definition of RDBMS version and the corresponding packages.

For example, if you delete the package 'MEGA:: Standard:: Types:: Sql:: Oracle 9i', you may impact the columns of the database that are configured with target RDMS = Oracle 9i.


More generally, if for some reasons, links exist around theres packages and their classes, you may loose information.