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Cross-Referencing / Hiding Elements in Different Libraries


Cross-Referencing / Hiding Elements in Different Libraries



I was wondering if there is a way to hide objects from search results / navigation trees from a library that is external to another library.


For example:


I have two libraries:

- External Reference Library

- Organization-Specific Library


We'd like to place reference material such as industry reference architectures, etc. into the "External Reference Library" so that there are no namespace collisions with objects in "Organization-Specific Library". This allows us to be able to cross-reference objects in the "Organization-Specific Library" with objects in "External Reference Library" (e.g. through a "realization" relationship). This works well - there can be multiple objects with the same name because they reside in different libraries.


That said, some reference architectures have thousands of objects in them, and they all appear as part of search results and navigation trees. The problem is further exasperated when there are multiple reference architectures in the "External Reference Library" - there are sometimes more objects appearing in searches / navigation trees from the "External Reference Library" than from within the "Organization-Specific Library"!


Is there a way to prevent objects from the "External Reference Library" from being shown in the search results / navigation trees when working with the "Organization-Specific Library"?


If not, is there an alternate mechanism that can be used to achieve the behaviour detailed above (i.e. cross-referencing external standards without cluttering the repository search results / navigation)?


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Re: Cross-Referencing / Hiding Elements in Different Libraries

Hello agref


There is a data access rule feature that can be used to manage visibility/confidentiality.

This needs a specific implementation with coding.

Usually the ownership of objects is considered.


See in online documentation 'Managing Data Access Dynamically'


Re: Cross-Referencing / Hiding Elements in Different Libraries

Thank you Jerome!