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Creating custom "_type" entries

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Creating custom "_type" entries

Does anyone have any guidance on the creation of organizationally defined _type entries?  I cant seem to find anything in the documentation and there are a couple of types that we would require such as Desktop, Desktop Cloud, and other types to help categories our software technologies.

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Re: Creating custom "_type" entries

Can you give us more details of what you are trying to do ?


You mentioned the Software Technology metaclass. Are you ITPM user or IT Architecture user ?


If you are ITPM user one way to create the new type is to use the desktop client.

  1. Connect with a user that has a rule HOPEX Customizer
  2. search the meetaclass _Type with filter on name "Technologies"
  3. Right click on the Technologies Types and click Explore
  4. enable to view "yellow" folder
  5. in the section "Subset_type" create your new type
  6. in the newly created item make sure they are connect on Stereotyping link to (technology/_type)
  7. Don't forget to translate the label if you are in different language.
  8. You may need to recompile the metamodel in the administration part.

Attached 2 screenshots of the steps.


Hope this help.



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Re: Creating custom "_type" entries

Worked perfectly. thanks