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Creating Matrix Templates


Creating Matrix Templates



I was wondering how to create new Matrix templates? 

When I create a new Matrix, I'm asked for:

  • Name
  • Owner
  • Matrix Template

There are some sample Matrix Templates including:

  • Applications x Org-Units
  • Diagrams x Projects
  • Etc.

I'm wondering how I can save a Matrix as a template so that it is available in this list?




Andrew Greff

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Re: Creating Matrix Templates


You have to create the templates in the windows client. There is folder with all the templates.

Re: Creating Matrix Templates

Hello @hsoegaard,


Thank you for your quick response! 

I'm a bit new to this area of MEGA - I've  looked in the Windows client for this folder of templates... at this point, I went to "Utilities" Navigation window, as it seems to have a lot of templates, but I'm still not finding where the Matrix templates are.

Could you possibly give a few more details as to where I might find this folder of matrix templates?


Thank you again!



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Re: Creating Matrix Templates

Yes, sorry - there is No folder anymore with the Templates, so its a bit more tricky to create a new Matrix Template, but there is a trick:


1. I useally log in with the HOPEX Customizer profile so I have access to Report Studio

2. Go to the Tools menu and select Explore, or click the Explore icon in the icon bar

3. In the Explorer window that opens, click on the New icon (the plus icon) and select Matrix Template in the drop down.

4. Create the Matrix Template, and either open it here, or search for it with query tool

5. Ope nthe properties and then complete the specification of the template


You can query for other Matrix Templates, and see how they have been configured - for inspiration.


Re: Creating Matrix Templates

Thank you so much for that extra guidance @hsoegaard! I was able to figure it out now!