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Create new _MappingType


Create new _MappingType



I have a quite long scenarior below:

I am trying to create new mapping type. eg. Database - Database in order to map column to column, table to table (to show ho information flows).


From what i understand, a mapping type requires the following items to be created:

- MetaListType

- MetaListTypeLeft

- MetaListTypeRight

- MetaTreeNodeLeft

- MetaTreeNodeRight

- _MappingTypeItem


I tried to reuse metatreeNode "DBB Database Relational" from Conceptual/Logical mapping for MetaTreeNodeLeft and MetaTreeNodeRight, and my Database-Database mapping works as expected.

However, when I tried to create a new metatreeNode and connect it to MetaTreeNodeLeft and MetaTreeNodeRight, the mapping doesnt work any more. Eg. when I click on choose left column, right column and click on "Map", no mapping is created.


I wonder if I miss out something that is required for the mapping type to work? Thanks

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Re: Create new _MappingType

I managed to figure out the answer.

For some reason I need to create a new MetaTree for this mapping purpose. My guess is that the root element of the mapping must also be the root of the metatree for it to work. That is why reusing Standard Navigation metaNode doesnt work.