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Copying a Profile


Copying a Profile



I was wondering if there is a way to make an exact copy an existing MEGA Profile (e.g. "EA Standard") in the MEGA Administration tool?


There is a right-click option to "Copy" the Profile, but there is no provision to "Paste" it.


I have tried creating a new Profile and defining all of the same characteristics as "EA Standard", but something is not exactly the same, which becomes apparent when I link a Business Role to the new Profile.


Any guidance would be appreciated!


I am using HOPEX V3R13.

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Re: Copying a Profile

Hello a agreff


A profile is not just an object and a few links.

It has various links and it holds complex information (CRUD configuration..)

Besides, it is useful to benefit not only from the current profile definition but from its future changes.


As a consequence, do not copy or duplicate a profile.

You can create a custom profile that inherits from a standard profile such as 'EA Standard' and holds custom settings.

The procedure can vary with versions.


See the following KB articles:


Re: Copying a Profile

The above solution used an adminstration.exe so appears to be a windows server local install solution. Is there a similar guide for the Hopex cloud customers? We only have a cloud solution.