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Connection to Mega fails

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Connection to Mega fails



I am trying to connect to Mega, but :

  • using Java new MegaApplication() : the object methods returns null values
  • using VBS : the script fails with the following message "Erreur Automation"

Here's what we already have checked :

  • mg_jnib.dll is in the classpath,
  • the local mega server has been registered with mgwmapp.exe /regserver,
  • no other workspace is currently in used,
  • the JRE we use is the same as Mega's,
  • the Java and VBS applications are run on the same server as Mega's,
  • the Mega environments file permissions have been double checked to grand access to the user running the app,
  • the license file is readable by the user who runs the app as well.

The weird thing is that I can programmatically connect to Mega if, just before, I manually start an mgwmapp.exe (e.g. Desktop or Administration console)


What can I do to fix this problem ? I am using HOPEX V1R3 CP13.0

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Re: Connection to Mega fails

After two weeks of struggle we found the problem :

There was a text file called Program in the C drive. We removed it and everything went well. Our guess is that it caused the JNI connection to fail because C:\Program~1 pointed to the wrong file and thus the main C:\Program Files\Mega\...\mgwmapp.exe could not be started