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Compulsory License for MEGA API

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Compulsory License for MEGA API

Hello community,


When a user connect throw the MEGA API to MEGA which License he will need? MEGA Exchange what else is necessary to connect to MEGA throw the MEGA API?


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Re: Compulsory License for MEGA API



Please read the KB 2584:


"A development project is launched to build an application using MEGA API script. It is necessary is identify the requirements for the development environment.
Development environment requirements
MEGA development environment is comprised of:
- Local MEGA installation See standalone deployment mode
- MEGA license. It should include MEGA Exchange - API and the other MEGA products providing the metamodel and the components used.
- Software development environment (IDE) Example: MS Visual Studio..."


Also the MEGA Exchange API.pdf is available for more information.


See you.

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