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Citrix deployment layout new-diagram window


Citrix deployment layout new-diagram window



We notice a difference in some Mega-popup windows when using Mega Ciënt-server and Mega on Citrix.

The left image is the upgly popup we receive on citrix, when requesting a new diagram.

The right image is the one on our windows-workstation.

Obviously we would like the nice layout from windows-installation to also be displayed when using citrix.


How can we configure our citrix server to properly display the layout?


remark: IE11 is installed on workstation and citrix-server.


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Re: Citrix deployment layout new-diagram window

Hello Danny


The Diagram creation wizard relies on embbed Internet Explorer even with HOPEX Windows Front-End.

It is therefore very sensitive to security setting and restrctions of permissions.


Usually, configuring the trusted sites enables to restore a correct situation

Add as string such as

file://<machine where the HOPEX environment is saved>

Ex: file://mymachine




This configuration will be saved in the registry [HKEY_CURRENT_USER] of the user involved.

This need to be done for all possible users on HOPEX on the Citrix Server


Re: Citrix deployment layout new-diagram window



We had the same problem.  As indicated by Jerome, the MEGA server URL must be added in the approved list of site.


BUT it must be done on all accounts ! because this list is related to the profile of the user including in Citrix.

The only solution found was to add the URL of the server in the GPO (Global Window Policies) and preferably providing an https.