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Changing size of object

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Changing size of object

Hi all,


We have a macro which creates application centric diagram (based on message flows in the system). But the siz of the objects on the diagram is set by default. We want to find a way to set the size of the object to a specific value. Any leads would be appreviated




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Re: Changing size of object



You have 2 options about the shapes of the object on the diagrams :

* either you changes the default MGS shapes file

* or you use the API to custom the size. The Mega Drawing API allow to manage the size at creation, or loading of the diagram.


I hope this help


Re: Changing size of object

Hello Nikhil,


with diagram API, you can do this easily.

Just use the setPos command on your drawingItem :

myDrawingItem.SetPos LefPosition, TopPosition, RightPosition, BottomPosition