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Change shape of Interaction

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Change shape of Interaction

Hi all,


I want to change the shape of the object "Interaction"  in Resource Architecture diagrams to remove the Antenna and ball icons at the ends and replace them with a regular arrow. I tried with the shape editor but did not manage to do it. Any idea ?



RegardsSans titre.png


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Re: Change shape of Interaction

Hi Ismael,


It is not changed in the Shape Editor. The beginning and end points of the interaction are managed by the DiagramTypeLink styles, ex.: look for the "INT - Interacting Element -> Interacting Element Endpoint" DiagramTypeLink ("Ce7Ve(tBALN0"). It has several conditional styles associated with it (same as conditional shapes for a MetaClass). Within the properties of a style you can change the DiagramTypeLink LineBeginStyle and/or LineEndStyle.




Re: Change shape of Interaction



Here's a few kbase articles that cover this topic. I hope that helps Smiley Happy