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Cannot login to HOPEX Web Front-End

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Cannot login to HOPEX Web Front-End



I'm testing Hopex V2R1 U02 and I cannot login to HOPEX Web Front-End.

A message is displayed: Error There was an unexpected error.

I've just installed the HF 02.13 without any change.

I'm using the login Mega, which is working well with the Windows Front-End. 

We are using a windows 2008 Server R2, a SQL Server 2012 storage


I have the same behaviour with a standard environnement created directly with V2R1 and with our migrated environnement (from V1R3 CP17). 

Any idea where it can come from ?




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Re: Cannot login to HOPEX Web Front-End

The problem has been solved. It was due to a certifiacte problem, which was not properly installed because of windows 2008 server.


It should be installed manually.