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Cannot link "Software Technology" to "IT Service"

Occasional Contributor

Cannot link "Software Technology" to "IT Service"

Hello to all members,



I cannot associate an IT Service and a Software Technology.



I can easily associate a "Software Technology" to an instance of the MetaClass "Application" creating the respective MetaAssociation. I would like to be able to do the same with the MetaClass "IT Service".


What have I done so far?

  • Added the MetaClass "Element Using Technology" to the SuperMetaClasses of "IT Service" - so when I query "Element Using Technology" has two SubClasses: "Application" and "IT Service"

I thought I now could easily connect an IT Service and a Software Technology - but I get an error message instead:

"unable to process operation for the restricted link <(Element using Technology / Technology)> between <IT Service::myService> and <Software Technology::Java>"



On the other hand I am still able to connect an Application and a Software Technology without any problems.


What could be the reason for this strange behaviour?


Thanks for any help / hint ...

O. Höft