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Can't open diagram for edit in web client


Can't open diagram for edit in web client

HOPEX 2.0: I have created Business process diagram in fat client. I can view this diagram in web client. When I click Edit diagram, I get warning message:


"Warning, your diagram has been manually modified through the diagram editor. If you continue you will lose your diagram layout.
Do you want to continue ?"


1. What does that mean? I have another diagram created in fat client and get no warning for editing it in web client.


2.If I choose to continue, nothing happens. Diagram si not displayed for editing, there is just empty tab where diagram should appear for editing.


I can work on this diagram in fat client with no problems.

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Re: Can't open diagram for edit in web client



Hopex V2 has a new feature of Building Process Diagrams automatically from a table view.

This feature is only available on web mode, this is why you get this message in web mode.


If you say that you want to lose your shape disposition, mega will calculate automatically the best shape position, and you'll be able to modify your process in a tabular view.

If you stay on the manual modifying mode, you will be able to modify the diagram as you want.


This is only available for diagram of processes in BPMN and on the properties of the diagram, you can choose is you want MEGA to automatically open the diagram in Manual, Table or ask the user each time.