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Can't acces repository


Can't acces repository

I can't access repository which I converted from Mega 2009 to latest Hopex version. Errors in first two attachments. Same error for every user listed in Mega admin for that environment. I can access repositories in Demonstration environment and blank environment on SQL server.


In Mega admin I can see that users have read/write access to repository as shown in third attachment. What am I missing here?





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Re: Can't acces repository

No bussiness role assigned to the person on the repository


Re: Can't acces repository

I don't have Mega Administration - Supervision module, so I can't manage business roles. All I can manage is Users. User and login definition looks same to me in all three environments and one of them I can't access.


Any other ideas?


Re: Can't acces repository

Hello jangm


You need to have administration tools to configure user connections.

Please open a case so that we can perform further investigations.