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Can MEGA Advisor be installed on Citrix


Can MEGA Advisor be installed on Citrix

We have bought licenses of MEGA Advior in version MEGA 2009 SP5

The first deployment tests show that performances are not good.

Can we run MEGA Advisor on Citrix?

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Re: Can MEGA Advisor be installed on Citrix



You cannot deploy Advisor over Citrix by publishing  the advisor.exe program.

It has no sense since this program is only the installation software that will install the product on the Web server  (creation of the Home directory, creation and configuration of the websites and applications and adding the registry keys).

Further, Advisor is a web application that needs internet browsers to work and requires a minimum bandwidth of 512 Kbit/s. Here the concept is different between web application and an application published over Citrix

So, the best is that each Advisor user should have at least a bandwidth of 512 Kbit/s to connect and explore the repository without any issue or time outs.

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