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Breadcrumbs in a MEGA Web Portal - Possible?

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Breadcrumbs in a MEGA Web Portal - Possible?

I have been asked if we can have breadcrumbs on the top of the pages in the MEGA Portal - so you can see the hierarchy and also click on the text in the breadcrumbs to move up in the hierarchy (Typical breadcrumb functionality).


I have thought it should be possible to go through the "Owner" object and write links until there is no owner... but I cannot see an easy way of moving up an unknown amount of levels (e.g. while object.Owner != null) and I also would have to generate them in the opposite order (Highest level first).


I assume that someone has thought of this functionality and have spend some thoughts regarding this Smiley Happy


Any suggestions?





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Re: Breadcrumbs in a MEGA Web Portal - Possible?



This feature already exists in Advisor ( Dynamic Portal web site). I have never tested it in static ones, but you can inspire from the example line codes hereunder:


open a div tag with class="navigationpath" and enter the code templates that will display the path name.


Of course, to make the path clickable, you will need to set the HexIdAbs of the descriptor that builds the previous page href="[Variable=ObjectPage File=446A58FD4B2713D2/]"



<div class="thecontent">
    <div class="navigationpath">
        [Variable=CodeTemplate Id=CC5D30D846AE29D2/] 
        <a href="[Variable=ObjectPage File=446A58FD4B2713D2/]">[Variable=CodeTemplate Id=C39ECA3146280317/]</a> 
        [Variable=CodeTemplate Id=CC5DD67246AD0025/] 
        [Variable=CodeTemplate Id=301850FE46E90AEA/]

    <div class="mainsection">
      Here you code of the main page


i suggest you to take a look on the Advisor web site templates to get more information and examples