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Automate exploitation procedures

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Automate exploitation procedures


We've just installed Mega on a Windows 2008 R2 server and I'm discovering the product.

If we want to plan physical backups of the GBMS database, I suppose it's better to stop the application during the backup operation.

Does it exist scripts (.bat, powershell...) to automate this exploitation procedures (backup, start/stop) ?



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Re: Automate exploitation procedures

Hi Yves,


I am not the Lab, just an advanced administrator and user for more than ten years in MEGA but for both types of databases (system and data), I have never had any issue with warm backups due to the fact that concurent engineering is external and backup format is a journalization. 

Then I suppose you don't want to erase or publish automatically the transactions opened by your users then making a "hot" backup is the more easier and secure way.  

Nevertheless, all API are available to do all administrative tasks.

Thus are necessary, a logical backup (for data recovery both business and technical data ) and a physical backup of your environment to be sure.


Lionel Mazurié
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Re: Automate exploitation procedures

Our windows server team runs backup scripts at 2am, usually we have nobody working at that time in the tool. Some people still have an open transaction but that does not cause any issues in the back-ups.


kind regards






Re: Automate exploitation procedures

Hello Yves


For GBMS storage cold/warm is recommended.

We have found that with some file systems, differential/incremental backup did not save MEGA repository files correctly. We cannot guarantee hot backup mode either.