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Assignment/Aggregation relation bubbling to outer objects

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Assignment/Aggregation relation bubbling to outer objects

Hi Community,

Am trying to implement DiagramTypeLink InsideConnection .  See Below:


I placed three Applications one inside the other to make aggregation relation between them. Now in right side explorer, it is showing the outermost parent has aggregation link with the second outer object child application, and the child application has aggreagtion with Grand Child Application. This is what I expected to happen. 

Application Aggregation.JPGCorrect Explorer.JPG
















But when I do the same with Assignment relation between, Application component and Application, the outer parent is getting related with grand child object.

Component APplication Assignment.JPGError Explorer.JPG


How to ge rid of this situation. When I drag one object on to another, I want it to connect only with its immediate parent, not to the grand parent.


Thanks in advance.










Colruyt Team