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Archimate in MEGA

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Archimate in MEGA

Hi All,


I'm trying out the archimate module in MEGA (2009 SP5 CP8). I created a new environment and imported the framework archimate metamodel customizations. NExt I did the import of the archimate sample.


When I log into MEGA I do see the changes in the tool, however for the archimate diagrams I receive the following error.


the value is invalid for the _nature attribute.


In the product manual it also says I should see in the main object window a folder called repository visualization. However this one is not visible.


Any suggestions? Did I miss something with the import?





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Re: Archimate in MEGA

hi stijn

i inform you that you need release 7 to use the MEGA Suite for ArchiMate

in administration.exe

- Select the environment.
- In its pop‐up menu, select 'Metamodel > Import a Release Pack'.
- Select Release Pack R7 and click 'OK'
- The processing is executed: several files are imported and the metamodel is compiled.
- Wait until the processing is complete.
- Close the environment.
- Exit the MEGA Administration Console.






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Re: Archimate in MEGA

hey sami,


ok thanks. I'll try this out.