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Application To Server Metaclass Connection

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Application To Server Metaclass Connection

We noticed that server objects that are available in EA role ,are not available to
App. owner or App portfolio manager role.
So we are advised to connect"server deployed" objects to applications, not "server" objects with these APM / AO roles.

when we login as Application Owner or Portfolio Manager,
we want to see "server-deployed" objects , in a folder structure. and after that,
user will select the "server-deployed" object and connect it to the "application" object.
We need to customize the metamodel to do so.(currently we can not see "server-deployed" objects in a folder structure with APM/AO roles)
Can you please help if you had similar experience ?

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Re: Application To Server Metaclass Connection


As it is designed, the server (deployed) is the metaclass to host the name of an instance of a server within HOPEX, and this metaclass is available in ITPM, which makes sense because this is where we described the instanciated architecture models. 

Also, in standard we link the application deployment to the server, wich allows to represent different architecture / servers for each deployment in case you are working in decentralized environment.

If only one deployment is required for the application, you can create one deployment and link one server to it, this is the standard behavior.


If another behaviour is needed (a direct link from application to server deployed) it is possible to implement it and have the behavior that you described. In that case you will lose the benefit of describing the application deployment in multiple countries, but maybe it is not the goal in your case.


This type of customization have already been created in the past, it is a light configuration. 


MEGA Partner

Re: Application To Server Metaclass Connection

Hi Yannick,


Thank you for your answer. 


Best Regards..