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Application Hierarchy in V2R1 (HITA)

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Application Hierarchy in V2R1 (HITA)


We have been modeling application arhitecture in previous version of MEGA(ITA) licence, where we have modeled  a hierarchy of applications, meaning one application could have (own) many sub-applications (e.g. CRM can have many sub-applications or components).

But now we have migrated to V2R1 and HITA licence and we have a problem that hierarcy of applications is not shown any more with new profiles available in HITA (e.g. Application Architect Profile), moreover, applications that were owned by other applications are now visible only in "All applications" view and no more in Application Hierarchy view or application folders view, ... and even more, existing old diagrams are not showing sub-applications that were owned by other applications.

Cannot find some directions on this issue in release notes or user manuals.

Any ideas?


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Re: Application Hierarchy in V2R1 (HITA)



Thats because the methodology has changed in IT Architecture V2. An application can only be broken down to IT Services or Micro Services. If Applications needs to be grouped, you will have to use an Application System. E.g. MS Office would be an Application System and MS Outlook, MS Word etc. would be Applications inside the MS Office Application System.

You have to re-think the way Application Architecture is described with the new license. In a transition period, I would suggest you coontact your Account Manager, and ask to have both the old and the new license in order to update your old descriptions to the new methodology.