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Hi team,


We have customised the icons such a way that the icon depends on an attribute called ‘Application Lifecycle Phase’. It has some drop down values and the colour of the icon is dependent on the choice selected. In application centric diagram, when we trying one application to another, the application is shown in the respective icon based on life cycle automatically







However, when connecting an application to an IT Service in Service Architecture diagram, only default icon is shown.








Is there a way to resolve this issue?


Thanks and Regards,




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Re: Application_Customized_icon

Dear Nikhil,

Based on your description i understand that the customized icon by you cannot be selected. Where is this customised Icon stored?

You might want to try the following


Copy the Icon in the Mega_Ust folder of the environment. Go to that particular diagram --> Select the shape-> right click--> Form & Details--> Manual Shape--> Provide the path of the customized Icon.

Give that a try. It might be of some help.




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Re: Application_Customized_icon

The changes done for the DiagramTypeObject for the application centric diagram, are they also performed on the DiagramTypeObject for application on the service architecture diagram?