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After Dispatched From Java


After Dispatched From Java

From Java After transaction Dispatch, if I try to run root.getcollection("Server"), it throws an exception that "Access Already Freed" or "Session Already Closed"

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Re: After Dispatched From Java

Hello imrankhatyan


This is likely related to your code

I assume that you have

  1. Open a private workspace (MegaTransaction object)
  2. Dispatched it --> there is no longer a workspace open

In this situation, it will be difficult to get a collection (GetCollection).



  • Make sure that you still have a MegaRoot object open
  • Open a new private workspace 

Re: After Dispatched From Java

Q1: Is there no way I can keep the original session open after dispatch? (cause reopenning takes too long)

Q2: If a user is in Administration mode Can I let other users dispatch while the Administration mode is active?