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Advisor - Popup menu


Advisor - Popup menu

Hi guys,


I would like to hide one item of the Advisor Popup menu. See picture attached.

He would like to hide or grey out the "Report Discovery".

I had a look at the Advisor 2012 Cutomization.pdf. This doc explains that a Code Template needs to be connected to the WebSite template, through the "Popup/Toolbar Definition" link.
This is however not very explicit regarding the code format of the Code Template.

I wonder if you have any examples of it or if you could help me through it.




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Re: Advisor - Popup menu

Hi there,


thanks to Mohamed, I had an answer to this.

Beware, this is not recommended by Mega, as the point is to modify the Advisor source code.


In  the "<server>\inetpub\wwwroot\Advisor\mega\model\comp\proppage\" folder,


Look for PropertiesPanel.JS

Just comment the code between line 2019 and 2041, as shown below:


//var analyse_item = new{



      //handler:function () {

      //  analyseHandler(Diag_Menu, analyse_item, this.objectInfo);

     // },

     // scope:this





Save and restart the webserver.


Hope that will help someone.