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Advisor / MWA

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Advisor / MWA


I need some help with MWA

1. I created a data in MEGA, I publish.

2. My web component that uses MWA is set to reconnect every 10 minutes (ReconnectTimer parameter).

After 10 minutes (or 20, 30, ... 50 minutes), my data is not visible from my web component

3. I use MEGAReconnect to force disconnect / reconnect.

4. I try again a request from my web component: my data is still not visible.

5. My data is visible from my web component only after restarting the IIS server!


Someone has already encountered this problem?
Thanks for you help

Olivier <script id="F5_watermark" type="text/javascript"></script>

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Re: Advisor / MWA

Here is more detail on the problem :


We have an application based on MEGA Web Access which is used to query MEGA from a development tool.
When we disconnect the user with the MWA method CloseSession, the transaction is not closed.

Here is the MWA log :
15:36:29 - 06/14/12 CloseSession 15ee9fc2(User=GQU,) : Running Profile is still in use

Here is another log from another server where it works :
17:36:58 - 06/14/12 CloseSession 369070006(User=Admin MEGA2,) : OK
17:36:58 - 06/14/12 Disconnect C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Mega\App_Data\MWAS\FR\ETUDES\Admin MEGA2,Options= : Done 20b (Abort;Release Generator Database Environment 😉

How can we ensure that the user is really disconnected ?

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Re: Advisor / MWA

One parameter has been changed in the MEGA Web Access component method Discard.

The value of the parameter IDiscardScope has been changed from 0 to 2.

It works fine Smiley Happy