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Advisor 2012 - how to get Standard pages?

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Advisor 2012 - how to get Standard pages?

Hello everybody


i'm working on the new Advisor 2012 website template and try to find out how to get the standard property pages back. Concrete example: in the old version, under the properties tab for applications and technical components, there were the lifecycle informations for those objects. In the new Advisor 2012, they aren't there anymore.


I tried to find the property page for the lifecycle information (somehow thinking that it is under the "Generic Object" Metaclass) but i couldn't find it. Can someone help me with this?


Best regards


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Re: Advisor 2012 - how to get Standard pages?

Hello tdeeg


The template Advisor 2012 is brand new.

It is not a subset or filtering of the previous template


Note also that with MEGA 2009 SP5 R7, an advanced specification is possible

In the tab generation of a web site template, you can specify the list of property pages for a generic page displaying MetaClass (PropertyPage Presentation)

See the document MEGA Advisor 2012 Customization - MEGA 2009 SP5 EN.pdf around page 32


When customizing standard template, do not forget to duplicate the standard templates and customize the duplicata

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Re: Advisor 2012 - how to get Standard pages?

Yes, i know that it's brand new and not a subset. I also duplicated the standard templates to work on it.


And i also went through the advisor 2012 customization handbook. That's the reason why i'm searching for the "Lifecycle" property page to add it to the property page viewport implementation for applications and technical components. But i can't find it.