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Adding generalities to my trees


Adding generalities to my trees

Hello everybody,

I need to add the "Vue d'ensemble" generality to all the "hyerarchical views" of my different trees in my desktop.

I managed to add/remove other nodes by modifying the "UI Persmissions" text of my Profile Perspective (~Mxfh(kjtML9A[Organization Design - Processes] in the case described by the screenshot) but I did not succeed in adding my generality.

Does anyone know how to do that ?

We are using Hopex V2 CP5 (770-4921-0)

Thanks !



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Re: Adding generalities to my trees

I finally found how to make it work :-)

And it seems obious now that I've done it...

Modifying the "UI Permissions" text of my Profile Perspective can not change anything if the metaTreeBranch is not a Child of the "Universal Desktop  Default MetaTree - Root MetaTreeNode"

Furthermore, it is not necessary to fill the "UI Permissions" text of the Profile Perspective, as it's usefull only if you want to hide a specific metaTreeBranch.

Note that the order in which trees appear in this section depends of the order of the link beween your MetaTreeBranch and the concerned Parent MetaTreeNode.