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Add "Creator" attribute to Dataset Definition

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Add "Creator" attribute to Dataset Definition

I'm creating a Dataset Definition to extract message "Content" information from "Message Flow"s.   I've got all the fields I need from the associated "Content" object but I don't seem to be able to find the "Creator" attribute for the Message Flow.   If I just do a straight query through the query interface I have no trouble displaying the "Creator" attribute.   But this attribute does not seem to be available when defining a DataSet Definition.


Where would I find this?   It doesn't appear to be a direct MetaAttribute and I also don't see it in MetaAssociationEnd or Query list.


Thanks in advance,



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Re: Add "Creator" attribute to Dataset Definition

One way would be to create a "computed" Report DataSet Property" from the Report DataSet Collection. Then create a macro that will look for the creator, and store it as a text value. That's the work-around I've used for other attributes that I couldn't select from the drop-down when creating a Report DataSet Property


Re: Add "Creator" attribute to Dataset Definition

I know it is a rather old topic.

Would you mind sharing an exemple of this macro ?

I'm tryimg to do something alike.


Thanks in advance 😉